In a dying world, a scared stone clings desperately to the place he knows. Until the ground beneath him starts to crumble.... Will he dare to take the jump? Coming online soon.


Director: Eileen Boeijkens, Max Peterse
Scenarist: Britt Snel
Producer: Chris Stenger, Floor Onrust
Assistant to Producer: Frederique Pecher
Associate Producer: Noortje Wilschut
DOP: Marc de Meijer (NSC)
Gaffer: Denny Schoute
Set Designer: Eileen Boeijkens
Set Builder: Leander Huizinga
Character Designers: Max Peterse, Marjon Haasnoot
Puppet Builder: Raymon Wittenberg
Puppet Costume Maker: Eileen Boeijkens
Stop Motion Animator: Max Peterse
2D Animators: Marjon Haasnoot, Max Peterse
Music & Sound Designers: Willem Schneider, Rens Machielse
Voice Actor: Patty Stenger
SFX Artist: Almar Sloot
Colorist: Bart Voorsluis
Made with the support of: Family Affair Films, The Netherlands Film Fund (Ultrakort), VUE, NFO