A building can be a special thing. It can be a home, a meeting place, a safe haven or a space full of beautiful memories. With a Tiny Home you can treasure this special place forever, or give a lasting memory to someone else.

Tiny Homes are handmade miniatures of special buildings, custom made with great attention to detail. It comes in a wooden case with a glass window that can be hung on a wall or put on a shelf.


The story

During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 I realized what a special place our home actually is. Apart from a place to relax, cook and sleep, it became a
place to work, exercise and above all, a place of safety and comfort. I count myself lucky everyday to have a place like this, and I am sure a lot
of other people do too. That is why I started this project.

I made a lot of Tiny Homes during the past few years. I made childhood homes, a family vacation home and grandma's place. I recreated shops from the past and made Tiny Homes for people to give to their loved ones because they lost a place, or sold it. Everything is possible!

Tiny Homes can be made in frames of 20x30 cm or 30x40 cm, and prices start at 550 euros incl. VAT.