A building can be a special thing. It can be a home, a meeting place, a safe haven or a space full of beautiful memories.

With a Tiny Home you can treasure this special place forever, or give a lasting memory to someone else.

Tiny Homes are handmade miniatures of special places, completely custom made with great attention to detail. It comes in a wooden case with a glass window that can be hung on a wall or put on a shelf. I can not wait to build yours!

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The Story

A hobby that slowly got out of hand. That is Tiny Homes in a nutshell.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 I realized what a special place our home actually is. Apart from a place to relax, cook and sleep, it became a place to work, exercise and above all, a place of safety and comfort. I count myself lucky everyday to have a space like this. 

But not only our homes are a place of pride. It can be a shop with a beautiful store front that is the face of your business. It can be a restaurant you visited on your vacation where you ate the best ramen ever. Or it can be the place where you grew up, met the love of your life, your grandmother's old grocery store or the first house you ever bought. 

The Story


I want one!

Are you a proud home owner? A shop keeper with a beautiful store front? A business owner with a gorgeous office building? Anything is possible. This is how it works:


Which building would you like as a Tiny Home? You can fill in the address in the form below so I can check it out on Google Maps to make an estimate. Before I start making the Tiny Home I will ask for photos of the building. This can be photos of the building as it looks now, but also photos of how it used to look if you prefer this. Make sure you have some close ups of important details (like the front door or small ornaments) and clear photos made by daylight.


Choose the size of the box frame. A bigger frame means a bigger miniature. The Tiny Home will have a space of approximately 2-3 cm around it within the frame. Both box frames have a depth of 6 cm, and are made of pinewood.



23x30 cm.png
30x40 cm.png

Starting from €450

Starting from €950


I will start by making a sketch of the building. I will send this to you for approval before I start building. Are you happy with the level of detail? Would you like to add something, or maybe remove a less important (or less pretty) part? Let me know!


Once I start building the Tiny Home it will take approx. 1 week to finish a small one, and approx. 2 weeks to finish a bigger one. Of course I will let you know in advance when this is different with your order.


When your Tiny Home is ready I will send you a message with a picture of it, including choices for background colors. I will place the Tiny Home on the background color you picked and put it in the frame. Done!


Because I am still figuring out how to ship the Tiny Homes safely, I prefer to hand them over personally for now. You can pick up your order in Delft or Rotterdam, and of course we can discuss the possibilities if this is not an option for you.

Place your order

Made your choice? Great! Please fill out the form below and I will contact you as soon as possible with a final price. Some important marks in advance to keep in mind:

  • At the moment I can only take orders from The Netherlands. My apologies! I hope I will be able to ship internationally soon.

  • Every building is different, so some buildings take more time to make than others. Please keep this in mind.

  • All the Tiny Homes are handmade (and miniature), so of course your Tiny Home will differ from the building in question. It will not be a one on one replica, but rather an artistic version.

  • Please note the prices stated in step 2 are starting prices. Prices vary depending on the amount of detail, the size of the building and whether it is a private home or a commercial building.

Request a quote

Thank you! I will get back to you as soon as possible.